my approach

I endeavour to create a unique photographic experience to suit all occasions. I look to capture the emotions in moments, the greatness in achievements, the delicateness of loved ones, the magnificence of places, the depth of people and the moments in time that memory always holds dear.

about me

Stretching in versatility and expertise ranging from and including Photography, Videography, Digital Editing & Design and Teaching.

tommy mack

photographer and digital artist

“there are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.” Ansel Adams

“when looking through the lens time stands still, all the details bubble to the surface. the dance of the light, the depth of the moment the intense focus of the most intricate broadness of the tiniest subjects. time looses all value with light the only currency, it holds the photographer enthralled in a loving embrace. capturing that moment creates a memory that is tied to the image, all the details are intensified by the experience that was created between the artist and his focus.” tommy mack

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for more information or to organise a photograph shoot, photograph editing or digital design send me an email or give me a call