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tommy mack photography


a tailored and unique photographic experience to suit all occasions. i look to capture the emotions in moments, the greatness in achievements, the delicateness of loved ones, the magnificence of places, the depth of people and the moments in time that memory always holds dear.


capturing the world in all its colourful brilliance. photographs that capture the depth and feeling of a special event, space, model or moment in time.

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events & functions

exploring the detail, depth and delicateness of a subject. letting the special event, model or moment tell a story in elegant detail. with an occasional splash of colour.

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landscapes, prints & editing

editing and touching up photographs, creating digital art, logos and branding and working with you to visualise and produce your ideas and bring them to life.

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contact me...

for more information or to organise a photograph shoot, photograph editing or digital design send me an email or give me a call